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GMP facilities

Our GMP-facilities include anti-static floors and temperature control. We also have 24-hour video-surveillance in our receiving goods area.

In these facilities, we do all our re-packaging, labelling, weighing and sorting of medicine and medical goods.

We can offer storage facilities of narcotics, liquids and drugs, which are listed on the Danish Health and Medicines Authority for euphoriant drugs at the levels of B, C, D and E.

Grundtvigs GMP-facilities:

  • Anti-static floors
  • Temperature control
  • Control weighing
  • Temperature-monitored storage
  • Storage facilities foreuphoriant drugs

Read more about our services within quality control and safety at Grundtvig A/S

Hos Grundtvig.as har vi 7.500 m2 / 38.000 m3 lager til opbevaring af Euro og US paller.

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